TEDxSalem: “The Magic and Mysteries of…..” January 5, 2019, Salem OR.

Conversation Between NPR’s Joe Palca and Geri Richmond“, Women in Science Seminar Series, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, June 2018.

“An Evening with Geraldine Richmond” Trailer,  hosted by the National Science and Technology Medals Foundation, Madison, Wisconsin, May 2018.

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American Chemical Society “Prized Science” Interview, May 2018.
Illinois Institute of Technology Honorary Degree and Commencement Address, May 2017
Kansas State University Honorary Degree Award and Commencement Address, May 2017
Kansas State University Commencement Speaker Introduction Video, May 2017
National Medal of Science, May 2016
National Medal of Science Ceremony
National Medals Richmond Video
Geri Richmond Interview on UO Today 
“Global Scientific Engagement”, National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) Colloquim, April 2017.
“Women Leading in Research and Innovation”, Gender Summit 6 Keynote Address, Seoul, Korea, August 2015.
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 “Molecular Processes At the Water’s Edge”, Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar conference, October 2012.