Professional Appointments

Current Appointments

 2018-2022 Educational Advisory Board, Guggenheim Foundation
 2018-2021 President-Elect (2018), President (2019), Chair of the Board (2020)
Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society
2016-Present Secretary, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Member of the Board, Council and Trust
 2016-Present Elsevier Foundation Board Member
2012-Present National Science Board Member
2015- U.S. Science Envoy for the Lower Mekong Countries of Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Department of State
1998- Chair and Founder, COACh for the Advancement of Women Scientists and Engineers
2007- Membership Committee Chair, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Previous Appointments (Selected List)

2006-2016 Editorial Advisory Board Member of Accounts of Chemical Research
2014-2016 President-Elect (2014), President (2015), Chair of the Board of Directors (2016) American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
2012-2016 Membership Canvassing Committee, Chemistry Section, National Academy of Sciences
2015-2016 Search Committee Member, Editor for Science Magazine
2010-2015 Assistant Secretary for the Sciences, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
2010-2015 Editorial Advisory Board Member of Chemical Reviews
2012-2015 Editorial Advisory Board Member of the Journal of Physical Chemistry
2014 Search Committee Member, AAAS Chief Executive Officer
2014 Search Committee Member, Director of Argonne National Laboratory
2011-2013 Presidential Blue Ribbon Commission on Graduate Education in the Chemical Sciences, American Chemical Society
2006-2013 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Committee Member, Office of the Secretary, Department of Energy
2008-2012 Research Corporation Presidential Advisory Board Member
2011-2012 Department of Energy Ames Laboratory Oversight Board Member
2010-2012 Women of Color Advisory Board Member, Harvard University
2010-2012 U.S. Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences ADVANCE Advisory Board Member
2011-2012 West Virginia University ADVANCE Advisory Board Member
2009-2012 University of Washington On-Ramps ADVANCE Advisory Board Member
2012 President Search Committee Member, University of Oregon
2012 Director of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS) Search Committee Member, National Science Foundation
2008-2011 Chair-Elect, Chair, Former Chair Chemistry Section, AAAS
2009-2010 Chair, Committee of Visitors, Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists,
Department of Energy
2005-2010 Associate Editor, Annual Review of Physical Chemistry
2006-2009 Biointerphases, Editorial Advisory Board Member
2007-2010 Rice University ADVANCE Advisory Board Member
2009 Helmholtz Association (Germany), Review Committee Member for Sponsored Programs in “Research with Photons, Ions and Neutrons”
2008-2009 Presidential Search Committee Member, University of Oregon
2006-2008 Journal of Chemical Physics, Editorial Advisory Board Member
2007-2008 Chair, Committee of Visitors (COV), Chemical Sciences, Geosciences, and Biosciences Division, Department of Energy, Basic Energy Sciences
2006-2008 Chair, Science Advisory Committee, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
2007-2008 Editor-in-Chief Search Committee Member, Journal of Chemical Physics
2007-2008 Steering Committee Member, NSF Sponsored Workshop on Recruitment and Retention of Minorities in the Chemical Sciences
2006-2007 Chair, Committee of Visitors (COV), Chemistry Division, NSF
1999-2009 State of Oregon, Board of Higher Education Member
Gov. Kulongoski Appointee (2004-2006)
Gov. Kitzhaber Appointee (1999-2003)
Vice President and Interim President (2004)
Chair, Chancellor’s Office Reorganization Committee (2004-2006)
2005-2006 COSEPUP Committee on Women in Academic Science and Engineering, NAS
2005-2006 Steering Committee, NSF, NIH & DOE Sponsored Workshop for Department
Chairs on Gender Equity in the Chemical Sciences
2005 esearch Corporation Presidential Advisory Panel
2004 Editor-in-Chief Search Committee Member, Journal of Physical Chemistry
2003-2007 Chemical Sciences Roundtable Member, NAS/NRC
2005-2005 Chemical and Engineering News Advisory Board Member
2001-2003 Langmuir, Editorial Advisory Board Member
1995-2003 Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee, Department of Energy
Chair (1998-2003); Member (1995-1998)
1996-2001 Member, Council on Chemical Sciences, Department of Energy
1995-2000 Executive Committee, Physical Chemistry Division, ACS
Chair (1999); Program Chair (1998)
1992-2004 Chair, Women Faculty Resource Network, University of Oregon
1993-1996 Applied Spectroscopy Editorial Board Member
1993-1994 Chair, National Academy of Sciences Frontiers in Science Symposium
1993-1999 U.S. National Advisory Committee Member, IUPAC
1992-1995 Analytical Chemistry, Editorial Advisory Board Member
1991-1994 Accounts of Chemical Research,/u>, Editorial Advisory Board Member
1991-1994 Board on Solid State Sciences Member, NAS/NRC
1991-1995 Critical Reviews of Surface Science,/u>, Editorial Board Member
1990-1994 Vibrational Spectroscopy, Editorial Advisory Board Member
1990-1995 Laser Science Topical Group Advisory Committee Member, American Physical Society
1989-1994 Journal of Physical Chemistry, Editorial Board Member
1989-1992 Materials Science Advisory Board Member, National Science Foundation
1989-1992 Board on Chemical Science and Technology Member, NAS/NRC
1988-1991 Executive Committee Member, Coblentz Society (Spectroscopy)
1986-1989 Governor’s Science Advisory Board Member, State of Oregon, Gov. Goldschmidt appointee
1986-1989 Chemistry Advisory Board Member, National Science Foundation
1986-1989 Executive Board Member, Western Spectroscopy Association